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Social Responsibility And Ethical Trading

Social responsibility and ethical trading are high on Skoolkit’s agenda. Reinforcing Skoolkit’s commitment by being one of the first signatures on the National Governors’ Association Code of Best Practice Guidelines – School Uniform Provision issued in January 2007, in which it addresses corporate responsibility.

At Skoolkit we seek to ensure that human dignity, safety and respect are upheld both within our own business and also in association with the manufacturers and suppliers we work with.

We regularly review our records regarding the Ethical Trading Policies of our manufacturers. Skoolkit will not knowingly trade with any manufacturer who does not comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

All manufacturers to Skoolkit whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, have to assure us that no prison or child labour is used in the production of any Skoolkit garment and that laws relating to payment and working conditions operating in the country of manufacture are adhered to.

All of our fleece lined garments e.g. sweatshirts and cardigans as well as other products have Oeko-Tex accreditation, this proves they are tested to ensure that no harmful dyes or broken needles are used in their manufacture, as well as other strenuous tests.

We are also proud members of The Schoolwear Association, who endeavour to ensure business standards are upheld and together with the other members of the association we clothe three quarters of Britain’s school children. We all work together to adopt a code of practice and work with schools to further the provision of good school uniform for the benefit of both the school and the students.

Skoolkit were also contributors to The Schoolwear Association’s ‘Every Child Is Worth It’ campaign which highlights the benefits of a school uniform, whilst making sure school uniform is accessible to all.

Skoolkit are also committed to the recycling of obsolete school uniform, we donate garments to East London Textiles Ltd who have established comprehensive links with Africa, Europe and Asia to reduce world waste, and help people across the world with affordable good quality clothing.

It is estimated that around 300,000 tonnes of clothing end up in household bins every year with around 80% of this incinerated and 20% sent to landfill. ELT provide the opportunity to dispose of used clothing in an environmentally friendly way, whilst supporting British charitable causes. ELT collections generates more than £6 MILLION for British charities every year.